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The Sacramento RiverTrain is a local, family-owned business dedicated to preserving a piece of Northern California history, and providing a wide variety of unique things to do for our community. Our rail line spans 28 miles from West Sacramento to Woodland, and at a leisurely 10 to 15 miles per hour, there's plenty of time for a cozy dinner, social wine or beer tasting event, or even an entertaining show. We hope you’ll find something new to try in an unexpected place.

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You guys did an amazing job! We had so much fun and already hoping there is still time and room to book another ride! Friends are already inquiring via social media about the rides! Keep up the good work spreading the Christmas Cheer :)

Taysia R.

Our grandaughter (6 yrs. old) thoroughly enjoyed it...the singing, the search for the xmas bear...skippy the reindeer, the elf, conductor Bob and the banjo player.   So much energy and all the kids loved it. 

Karen E.

"Me and my group had an excellent time on the Zombie Train! The doctor was funny as hell. Tony The "Sarge" was almost TOO convincing! Ren the zombie pet was incredibly in character. The guns were cool and the night was prefect. Just might have to get a group together to volunteer as zombies! Thank you guys!"

Brandon H.

"I definitely enjoyed myself on the Zombie Train and was creeped out at times in a good way. :). If you enjoy playing video games, playing laser tag, or just doing something fun and interactive, I definitely think you will enjoy this."

Heather L.

"Zombie Train gives you different shows at different times of day. 6pm fun and campy. 9pm creepy. Any way you go, it's fun!!"

Kathy H.

"Zombie Train was a heck of a ride and a ton of fun. The staff and zombies did a good job, the train ride through the "wasteland" of West Sac was eerie at night, and the guns were way better quality than I expected. It was a fun lead up to Halloween!"

Justin K.

"Just did the Zombie Train with my fiancée and 5 others in our group. It was a lot of fun, and going with a group made it more enjoyable (in my opinion). We all had guns and I think this helps the enjoyment factor because you can interact with the actors. We think this ride is pretty cool and can definitely see doing it again!"

Rick M.

"A joyous experience. The ladies in the car were efficient, courteous, and friendly."

C. Cox

"We really enjoyed our brunch and train ride. Great service!"

P. Johnson

"Wonderful Service."

M. Martinez

"Everyone was great! We had a very nice time."

J. Hogle

"Thank you! Great service :)"

S. Kirkman

Our kids AND chaperones had the best night of their lives! I don't know how next year's group is going to top this trip.

Kelly, Truckee High School

"We had a pleasant trip. See you again."

C. Marshall

We had a wonderful time. Everyone considers it to be our best planned event so far.


"Very nice experience. Really nice day. Excellent service."

E. Marshall

"Everything was great! Excellent experience."

J. Walkowiak