"We went on the Train Robbery trip yesterday and wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL time we had.  The entertainment was a blast, lunch was delicious, and the whole trip was impressively organized and low key.  It was a perfect day!  Looking forward to a return trip."

P. Craig

Colusa, CA

June 13, 2009 Great Train Robbery


"My husband, granddaughter and I were on the River Train on Sept.15, 2007. The trip was way more than we ever expected. We had an amazing experience. Every one of the staff was cheerful and helpful. The "cowboy performers" were the BEST. They were so friendly, knowledgeable, and great with the kids. We really appreciated that. We had a wonderful day and wanted to thank you. The train was clean and comfortable, the food was yummy, and the performers were outstanding. Thanks to them, especially Bad Bob and the sheriff for making my granddaughter an honorary cowpoke and showing her the "secret handshake". We will be returning and will certainly recommend the trip to EVERYONE! "


Summer '07

Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

While our train was completely remodeled and new trips added in 2005, the one trip we continued was the Great Train Robbery because of its long-time popularity. We have many Saturday trips offered in 2010. The trip lasts about 3.5 hours.

The trip includes a train ride, barbecue lunch and western show.  During numerous western characters entertain our guests. Look out at Robber’s Roost where an elaborate old-fashion gunfight is staged.

We then deboard the train for a picnic style western barbeque lunch by the river. This is a great way to spend the day and have some fun. If we have poor weather conditions we may remain on the train for lunch. There is a 100-yard walk from the train to the park, so please discuss this with our reservation staff if you have someone in your party that might have problems walking this distance. While we have some seating at the park, we suggest you also bring a blanket in case you want to picnic on the shady grass.

Ticket: $53 + service charge & taxes

Children: $28 + service charge & taxes
(Ages 2-12)

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